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Inflation Reduction Act

Ask us how you can save, through the Inflation Reduction Act!

The Federal Inflation Reduction Act has extended tax credits and introduced cash rebates to thousands of Nashville area homeowners who upgrade their home comfort equipment to more energy efficiency models.

The biggest savings can be found in heat pumps – you could be eligible for up to $8,000 in rebates alone! And you could also receive up to $1,750 in rebates for installing a heat pump water heater. Not to mention the added incentive of tax credits.

How much will you qualify for?

Rebates and tax credits are income-based and fluctuate depending on household median income. 

Check out this information from the State of Tennessee to see how much you could quality for in rebates.

And, get information on tax credits you could qualify for here, from Energystar.

Don’t wait! Every year that passes sees a lower percentage of available tax credit for Nashville homeowners. The sooner you act, the bigger the savings.

Thousands of dollars could be waiting for you to claim! Plus, save even more money on your utility bills with these energy efficient upgrades.

Increase efficiency, lower your utility bills, and keep more money in your pocket. Contact the experts at heating, cooling and plumbing experts at Maynard today!

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