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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee


Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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Furnaces in Nashville, TN

The NATE-certified technicians at Maynard have installed a lot of furnaces in the Nashville area over the past 80 years. If you already have a furnace in place, ongoing service and maintenance is the key to success. When you call the Maynard Man for a tune-up or because you’ve run into a problem, you’re calling a company that puts service first.  

We install top-of-the-line systems from like Daikin, Ruud, Amana, Bryant, and Trane, but service and furnace repairs are the foundation of our business. Furnace replacement may be necessary, but it is always the last resort. Our motto is to serve our clients and our community. That means fixing any and all furnaces that are fixable!

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man.

Which Furnace Is Right for Me?

Gas and electric furnaces both have their pros and cons, just like any other heating system. As always, contact a member of our team if you need a helping hand—courtesy of the Maynard Man! We’ll help you find the right furnace for your needs.

  • Electric furnaces are not as common as gas furnaces. Electricity is a much more expensive resource by which to heat a home. However, these systems are cheaper than gas models, easier to install (no need for gas piping/hookups), and our winters are just mild enough that they are not prohibitively costly to run.
  • Gas furnaces are extremely popular, and for good reason. Natural gas is a relatively clean-burning and affordable fuel. It’s a largely domestic product, meaning it is not subject to a volatile marketplace the way foreign oils are. However, you are going to need to have it piped to your home, making proximity to a natural gas line a necessity.

The Dual Fuel Option     

A dual fuel system combines a heat pump and a natural gas furnace into one year-round comfort system. The heat pump cools your home in the summer, and also heats it efficiently in the winter. The heat pump may not always be the most efficient heating option, though.

If temperatures drop to the point where the heat pump loses a certain amount of efficiency, then the natural gas furnace will automatically take over. The system will then switch back to the heat pump when ideal operating conditions return. That way, you’re always using the most efficient heater.

Regardless of Your System of Choice, You Need Professional Furnace Services

Call the Maynard Man to schedule your furnace services in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.  We provide thorough tune-ups, and you can benefit even more through our Maynard Man Pro Plan. If your furnace ever runs into operational problems, we will explore every repair option to get your existing furnace back on track.

The Maynard Man will never force a furnace replacement on you. Our focus is always on service, which is why we fix any heater that is still fixable. If repairs are truly out of the question, then we will explore your furnace replacement options. We install furnaces from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man.

The Maynard Man Healthy Home Plan

Save money over the life of your system with regular maintenance!

  • 1 Annual Furnace Inspection
  • 1 Annual Plumbing Inspection
  • 1 Annual A/C Inspection
  • 24 Hour Plumbing Service
  • No Diagnostic Fees

...and much, much more!

Start Saving Now!