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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee


Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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Commercial Air Conditioning in Nashville, TN

Our motto is SERVE. At Maynard, we serve our clients and we serve our community. That means helping our commercial clients to serve their own clientele, as well as their tenants and employees. Schedule your commercial air conditioning services in Nashville and Middle Tennessee with us.

When you call the Maynard Man for commercial air conditioning services, you don’t have to worry about pushy sales. Our top priority is keeping your existing system running reliably for as long as possible. We do this through routine maintenance and reliable repairs.

Important: We also offer residential AC services in Nashville, including AC Repair, AC Installation and more. 

Do You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Services?

If your commercial air conditioner can be fixed, we’ll fix it. You have to alert us to the problem first. Let the Maynard Man know if you notice any of the following warning signs.

  • Warm air blowing from vents.
  • Increased cooling costs without corresponding usage increases.
  • Strange or louder than usual sounds coming from the system.
  • Complaints from tenants about uneven cooling.
  • Short cycling.

Our technicians will diagnose the problem accurately in order to resolve it completely. We make the fixes that other contractors can’t!

Schedule Commercial AC Maintenance

Nothing beats routine maintenance when it comes to keeping your commercial AC functioning as reliably and effectively as possible. This system operates under massive strain. That strain takes a toll.

Our NATE-certified technicians will thoroughly inspect your system and make any adjustments necessary to keep it in peak working condition. Contact us today to schedule your commercial  AC tune-up in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

It All Starts with a Great Installation

We install the finest commercial cooling products on the market, including those from manufacturers like Trane, Daikin, Lennox, Carrier, Rheem, York, Mitsubishi, and Sanyo. Even the best system won’t last forever.

While we always choose repairs and service over replacement, your commercial AC does have a finite lifespan. When the time finally comes to replace it, call the Maynard Man to get the perfect system for your needs. We will design and build your new system to suit your needs and the demands of your property. Contact us for an appointment today. 

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man.