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The Maynard Man Answers “Why Should You Avoid Store-Bought Drain Cleaners?”


No matter what drainpipe we’re talking about, there is a very good chance that at some point, you’ll deal with a clog. Whether it’s hair in the bathroom, food particles in the kitchen, or waste backup in the sewer line, your plumbing is naturally susceptible.

Of course, you can help prevent drain clogs in your home! But, it’s not by using store-bought, liquid drain cleaner.

Avoiding Chemical Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

Homeowners often don’t realize what the problem is with store-bought drain cleaning chemicals. After all, isn’t that the easiest way to unclog drains? Actually, they don’t even really work effectively. This is because the chemicals in these drain cleaners are formulated to dissolve only the most minor of clogs—like hair.

They have no impact on other common blockages such as mineral buildup that comes from hard water, grease, or food particles. Chemical, liquid drain cleaner might not to anything except push the clog further down the drainpipe.

It sounds like since chemical drain cleaners don’t do much, they’re pretty benign, right? Not quite! They are toxic, and caustic. Not only can they harm your health and safety, but also the health of your plumbing system. Chemical drain cleaner eats away at the lining of your pipes until eventually you’re dealing with corrosion and leaks.

“Are There Any Safe DIY Drain Cleaning Methods?”

Sure! If it’s not actually a clog in your drain, but you have smelly drains, you could try a baking soda and vinegar mix to clean the drain. Pour down about ½ cup baking soda mixed with a cup of vinegar, and give it about 5 minutes before you flush the drain with hot water.

This is not the solution for actual clogs, however. If it’s a superficial clog, you may be able to relieve it with a plunger and a little bit of “elbow grease.” But if you can’t relieve it this way, it’s time to call a pro. Our professionals have a number of tools at our disposal, including:

  • Motorized Drain Augers: Professional-grade drain augers are motorized, which allows them to reach far down into your pipes and break up tough clogs.
  • Video Pipe Inspection: This allows us to get a close up look at your clog to determine what drain cleaning method will be the most effective.
  • Hydro-Jetting: Hydro-jetting involves the use of a long, thin hose to blast water into your pipes and clear away tough clogs, including the worst of grease and food particle build up and even tree roots in the sewer line.

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