Did You Skip Your Furnace Tune-Up? It’s Not Too Late!

If we had to guess, we’d assume that you have no trouble
maintaining your car a couple times a year. It’s an important investment, after
all. It’s probably one that you can’t imagine being without for very long, so
you want to take care of, right? Besides, without routine tune-ups, it can’t
remain safe to operate.

Well, this logic needs to be applied to your heating system, too. This is especially true in regards to a gas-powered furnace. But many homeowners still neglect this and skip their furnace tune-up. Your heating system needs love and care though! In the form of a quality Nashville maintenance program. Be sure to schedule your maintenance, and in the meantime, check out the reasons why tune-ups are so important.

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You Can’t Afford Not To Have
Maintenance Done

Of course, heating maintenance comes at a cost. However,
that cost can be quickly offset by what you save over the years with
maintenance. There are a few ways that routine maintenance can help you save:

  • Lowers
    Your Monthly Energy Bills:
    Routine system maintenance involves a tune-up of
    the furnace that can help the system retain 95% of its original efficiency
    throughout most of its lifespan. This means lower energy bills for you.
  • Helps
    Detect Problems Early:
    The major service involved during professional
    furnace maintenance is a complete tune-up of the heating system. This helps our
    technicians detect small problems before they grow bigger, so you can schedule
    repairs ASAP. This may sound like an extra thing to pay for, but the fact of
    the matter is, this step prevents a heater repair need from worsening and
    affecting other components and/or turning into an emergency breakdown.

Each Maintenance Session Adds To Your Furnace Lifespan

With every tune-up you receive, you could be adding to the
system’s lifespan. Thorough maintenance tune-ups help keep the components in
the best shape possible. And as you probably know from experience already,
keeping an appliance or piece of machinery clean and maintained is the best way
to help it last as long as possible.

Furnaces that receive routine maintenance each year,
particularly right before the heating season, can live months or even years
longer that systems that never receive maintenance.

You Can Avoid Furnace Emergencies

As your furnace ages, it becomes more and more susceptible to
problems, even with careful maintenance. Natural wear and tear impacts all
parts of the furnace, including a very important part called the heat
exchanger. This is a clamshell shaped component actually responsible for heating
the air that enters your home. It produces gasses such as carbon monoxide,
which is safely vented outside via the furnace flue.

When a furnace becomes older, though, this heat exchanger
can develop cracks and help release carbon monoxide into your home, instead of
safely outside. This is an extremely dangerous occurrence and one you want to
avoid. During maintenance, this is one of the many safety checks our
technicians make. You can rest assured with the peace of mind that we’ll be
looking at this each and every year during your furnace maintenance appointment
to make sure you’re in good shape.

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