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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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Heed These 5 Furnace Care Tips from The Maynard Man


If the last couple of weeks have been any indication, temperatures can change quite suddenly and quite drastically in the fall. With temperatures having dropped about 20°, particularly at night, it’s vital that you have a fully functional and efficiently operating furnace. This can only be the case, though, if you take good care of it.

Fortunately, The Maynard Man is here to help you! Read on as we uncover some of our top furnace care tips.

  1. Change Your Air Filter: The air filter within your HVAC systems has a very important role to play. It draws in air from your home, trapping particles like dust and other debris in its mesh. This prevents your HVAC system from getting damaged. But letting it go too long without changing it can create airflow problems. Depending on the type of filter you have, it should be changed out every 1-3 months.
  2. Check the Weatherstripping around Windows and Doors: The air coming from your furnace into your living space shouldn’t experience too much heat loss. But if you have drafty windows and doors, it can. In fact, your furnace will have to run longer and more frequently the more cold air is let inside. This is inefficient, and will cost you far more than it should to run your heater.
  3. Check Your Thermostat for Accuracy: Does it seem cooler in your house than your thermostat says it is? Something is wrong with the communication between the furnace and the thermostat, then. This can lead to inefficient operation. If you suspect your thermostat is outdated, miscalibrated, or otherwise damaged give us a call.
  4. Replace the Batteries in Your Smoke and CO Detectors: This may not seem like a furnace tip, but it’s actually a furnace safety tip. Gas-powered heaters are not inherently dangerous. Nor are electric systems. But both create potential hazards when not cared for properly. Aging gas furnaces can experience harmful carbon monoxide leaks. Degrading electric furnaces provide and electrical fire risk. With proper care and maintenance, which we’re about to touch on below, you won’t have to worry about these risks. However, it’s always best to be prepared! This is definitely a case of “better safe than sorry.”

BONUS TIP: Schedule Your Heating Maintenance Appointment!

If you haven’t already, schedule a tune-up. During heating maintenance, our team comprehensively inspects, cleans, and adjusts your heater. When we inspect it, we check for signs of wear and other potential repair needs. We’ll alert you to these needs right away so you can schedule them, too.

Scheduling your heater tune-up now, in the fall, instead of waiting for winter to hit is advantageous for a couple reasons. First, our HVAC techs are less likely to be busy with emergency service calls. This means you can schedule maintenance at your convenience. Second, it will give you plenty of time to schedule the aforementioned repairs at your convenience.

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