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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee


Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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Heat Pumps in Nashville, TN

With a heat pump, you only need one system to keep your home comfortable all year long. That’s because heat pumps work both as air conditioners and as heaters by reversing their refrigerant cycles. All of that work can really take a toll throughout the year, so call the Maynard Man for your heat pump services.

We put service first, which is why we offer our comprehensive Maynard Man Pro Plans. We fix systems as long as they’re fixable, unlike other HVAC contractors looking to make sales by suggesting early replacements. We serve you and we serve our community, and that’s kept Maynard growing for 80 years.

Why Choose a Heat Pump in Nashville and Middle Tennessee?

We are your clean air, clean water, and clean comfort experts. That last point is especially relevant here, because heat pumps are among the most efficient heaters available. They’re not just heating systems, either! A heat pump can cool your home just like a central AC system, but can also reverse its operation.

A heat pump can use existing heat in the air outside to warm your interior living space. The refrigerant evaporates in the outdoor coil, removing heat from the air, and is then compressed. Its heat is transferred to air passing through the indoor coil, which is then distributed throughout the house to warm it up.

The Dual Fuel System Option

Some homeowners are skeptical about the heating capacity of heat pumps. Rest assured that modern heat pumps are more effective at lower temperatures than ever before. They may begin to lose efficiency when temperatures really drop, though. With a dual fuel heat pump, you use both a heat pump and a secondary heat source—typically a gas furnace.

The heat pump cools your home and usually heats it. Should temperatures drop low enough to reduce the heat pump’s efficiency, the system will switch over to the furnace automatically. It will run the furnace until conditions are best suited for the heat pump once more. Then it automatically switches back in order to ensure peak efficiency.

Let Us Handle All of Your Heat Pump Services

Our Motto is SERVE. Check out the benefits of the Maynard Man Pro Plan and let us keep your heat pump in Nashville and Middle Tennessee up and running for as long as possible. If your heat pump won’t switch between modes, is making strange sounds, or has a refrigerant leak, trust the Maynard Man for reliable repairs.

While we always emphasize service and repairs above all else, no heat pump will last forever. When the cost of repairs is no longer justified due to the age of your system, we will find the right heat pump replacement for your needs. This is the last resort, but it is an eventuality for any home heating system.

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man.

The Maynard Man Healthy Home Plan

Save money over the life of your system with regular maintenance!

  • 1 Annual Furnace Inspection
  • 1 Annual Plumbing Inspection
  • 1 Annual A/C Inspection
  • 24 Hour Plumbing Service
  • No Diagnostic Fees

...and much, much more!

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