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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee


Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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Server Room Cooling Systems in Nashville, TN

Server room climate control is a highly specialized field. It is just one of many that the Maynard Man excels in. We understand how important technology is to our clients, and our 80 years of experience have prepared us for anything that they may need.

Overheating is a very common issue in server rooms. Server rooms require dedicated climate control systems, and they must be reliable. When you let Maynard service your server room cooling system in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, your equipment is in good hands.

Your Ideal System Depends on Your Space and Usage

Part of the process of ensuring successful computer room cooling is to design your system with your specific property in mind. A very small server room may be fine with a single cooling unit, but larger spaces will require bigger and more complex solutions.

This may mean rack-mounted cooling systems, or a combination of different coolers and humidity control systems. Sealing up these areas is great for protection from poor indoor air quality, but can also lead to problems with ventilation and humidity levels. We’ll take all of this into consideration.

Don’t Ignore Any Signs of Trouble!

Does your server room feel hotter or more humid than usual? Are your cooling systems making strange sounds? A lot of damage can be done to this type of server equipment in very short order.

The sooner that your server room cooling system in Nashville and Middle Tennessee is repaired, the better. Remember that nothing keeps equipment in better, more reliable working condition than routine server room cooling system maintenance.

We Install and Replace Computer Room Cooling Systems

Without a great server cooling room system installation, there is no chance of great server room cooling. We put our focus on servicing existing systems, but our team is also available for your server room cooling system installation needs.

We always fix problems so long as repairs are possible, but you’ll need to replace your server room cooling equipment eventually. When you do, call the Maynard Man. Replacement is always our last resort, so don’t worry about unnecessary upsells! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our commercial refrigeration technicians. 

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