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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee


Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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Ice Machines in Nashville, TN

Chilling drinks is only one application for ice in a commercial setting.  It also may be used in production lines, salad bars, and other important roles. You need a great performance from your ice machine in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Call the Maynard Man to get it.

Maynard works with the finest products from manufacturers such as Kysor Warren, Hussmann, Kingspan, and HillPhoenix. Our motto is simple to SERVE. We serve our clients and we serve our community by always putting service first!

Keep Up with Ice Machine Maintenance

Changing the filter in the ice machine is a great place to start. Remember, the moment that you start to see impurities in your cubes, you’ve already waited too long. You want this to be a preventative practice, not a reactive one. Clean out your bin regularly, too, to keep your ice tasting fresh. Schedule routine commercial refrigeration maintenance with the Maynard Man.

Having Problems with your Ice Machine?

If you’re running into problems with your ice machine, either with production rates, discolored or dirty ice, loud sounds during operation, or even a complete breakdown, you can count on our team to get it back on track as soon as possible. We never replace what can be repaired. Let our specialists get the longest life possible from your ice machine in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

Get the Ice You Need, When You Need It

There is always going to be some level of guesswork when it comes to sizing an ice machine. Taking stock of your seating capacity, your typical kitchen demand, and your bar business will really help us to zero in on the right capacity of ice making ability for your need. If you need a new ice machine installed or an old one replaced, we’ll find the right model for you needs. Contact us today for an appointment. 

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man.