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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee


Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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Freezers in Nashville, TN

If you sell or store frozen products of any kind, then you need dependable freezers in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. They may not be the most complex equipment, but their failure can result in a costly loss of product.

Call the Maynard Man to work with true commercial refrigeration specialists. We put service first, and we’ll keep your freezers running better for longer. Maynard has been in business for 80 years thanks to our simple motto: SERVE!

Your Commercial Freezer Options

Not all commercial freezers are the same, and you may need more than one type of commercial freezer in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Call the Maynard Man if you have any questions about your ideal freezer.

  • Reach-In Freezers: If you have a commercial kitchen, the reach-in freezer is ideal for optimizing freezer space even in confined settings. You may need a bench freezer or an upright unit. You can also install them where customers can access for them grab-and-go use.
  • Walk-In Freezers: When you start producing and/or storing frozen products requiring at a certain level, the reach-in freezer just isn’t enough. You need a lot of space, and you need that freezer to be organized. That’s why you need a freezer that you can walk right into!
  • Medical Freezers: The same freezer used to store frozen seafood is not necessarily the right one to use in a medical setting. When it comes to keeping medical supplies and materials frozen properly, there is no room for error. We install and service medical freezers with that in mind.

Let Us Service Your Commercial Freezers  

Choosing the right freezer is important, but maintaining that freezer is even more important. We keep freezers operating properly by putting our focus on ongoing maintenance and service. Anything from worn out door gaskets to a refrigerant leak in the compressor could seriously limit the system’s efficiency and reliability.  Should freezer repairs be needed, we’re the pros to turn to.

In many cases, a freezer replacement is going to be absolutely necessary. In others, it will be in your best interest. Our commercial refrigeration specialists are highly skilled and can fix freezers in many states of disrepair. There comes a point where the fact that you can repair a freezer doesn’t mean that the freezer is still worth repairing. Let us install any new commercial freezer equipment that you need. Contact us for more information. 

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man.