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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee


Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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Grease Traps in Nashville, TN

Your commercial kitchen needs a grease trap. It’s the only way to protect your drain and sewer system. When you want great grease trap services in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, you call the Maynard Man.

We’ve been in business for 80 years. That number baffles some competitors. How did we do it? By sticking to our simple motto: SERVE. Maynard puts service first, serving our clients and serving our community.

What Does a Grease Trap Do?

Grease is a liquid when it is hot. That leads too many people to think that it can just go down the drain. However, grease coagulates when it cools down. That can seriously clog up drains and sewer lines. That’s where a grease trap in Nashville and Middle Tennessee comes. A grease trap works like a mini septic tank.

A prefilter removes larger food items that make it down the drain to the grease interceptor. The FOG (fats, oil, grease) is lighter than the water in the trap, and rises to the surface. The heavier solids sink to the bottom, and the effluent (wastewater) in the middle passes right on through the rest of the drain and sewer system.

You Need Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Services

A grease trap has a finite amount of space to fill. When that space is filled, it is necessary to have the grease trapped cleaned out. You really don’t want a grease trap to back up when you have a room full of patrons anywhere near it, so set up a regular schedule for grease trap cleaning.

Hire our plumbers to install a quality grease trap for you. When problems develop with your grease trap, we’ll always repair the system as long as repairs are possible. We can replace your grease trap when necessary, but replacement is always reserved as a final option. Service is our focus, so we keep existing grease traps functioning properly. Contact us today for an appointment. 

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man.