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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee


Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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Building Automation and Energy Control Systems in Nashville, TN

Building automation systems in Nashville and Middle Tennessee are bringing the area into the future. Automating your commercial building is a great way to boost energy efficiency, convenience, and security. Designing, servicing, and installing these systems needs to be left to the pros.

That’s why you call the Maynard Man. We’ve been in business for 80 years now. Our goal and our motto is to serve. We serve our clients and serve our customers by keeping systems up and running for longer. Maynard doesn’t push replacements when repairs are possible! Contact us for an appointment. 

What Can Building Automation Do?

Building automation systems in Nashville and Middle Tennessee help property owners control their building’s systems from a centralized hub. Some systems can be controlled by set programs that regulate lights and climate control systems. Others programs may be "learned" by the system. These may include when to power things down due to inactivity, or when to utilize security lights based on unexpected activity.

What Are the Benefits?

Freeing up your resources and allowing you to manage your property and your business more conveniently are the basic benefits of building automation. However, there’s a lot more to be gained.

  • Energy efficiency can be boosted by automating many of the functions in your commercial property. When you have an intelligent computer system regulating climate in the building, you don’t have employees constantly fiddling with thermostats. This cuts down on energy costs without scaling back comfort.
  • Increased security is another major benefit of building automation systems. The level of monitoring and the prompt response and sounding of alarms provided by an automated security system are unparalleled. Work closely with our technicians to ensure that your needs and expectations are satisfied completely.
  • Better system lifespans are an added benefit of automating your building. The smart technology used in such systems makes surfacing problems a lot easier, and the reduced strain on the systems helps keep repair needs at bay. Schedule professional routine maintenance for even better lifespans!
  • Unparalleled Convenience is the bottom line when it comes to building automation. Monitoring HVAC and security systems is just the beginning. Our systems can also automate everything from window blinds and lights to the locking and unlocking of doors of specified times. If you can think of it, there’s a good chance that the Maynard Man can automate it!

Schedule Your Building Automation System Services with Our Team

If anything should go wrong with your building automation systems, contact the Maynard Man right away. We don’t "solve" problems by replacing malfunctioning equipment. We diagnose the cause of those problems accurately and make repairs to get those systems back online. You don’t want clients locked inside because your automated locks have engaged.

Our focus is always on service, and our motto is to SERVE. Sometimes, building automation systems are damaged or outdated enough to warrant replacement. If your system is ready for replacement, or if you need a new system designed for a new property, Maynard is the company to call.

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man.