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Tips from The Maynard Man for Helping Your AC Work More Efficiently

The Maynard Man understands that homeowners would like to do whatever they can to save money. And, of course, in the summertime a large majority of that money goes toward their cooling costs. Actually, HVAC systems typically make up half of all energy use within a home.

And no, turning off your air conditioner isn’t the only way to use less energy, nor does it make much sense. Because after all, you want to maintain your household’s comfort too, right? We get it! Read on as we uncover some tips on how you can use your air conditioner more efficiently without sacrificing your comfort.

Have Maintenance Done

Did you have air conditioning maintenance done this past spring? If so, and if you followed up on recommended repairs, then your air conditioner is probably in great shape!

If, however, you decided to skip the tune-up this year, it’s not too late to get it done. In fact, you’re less likely to experience an unexpected breakdown before our temperatures start to cool if you have professional maintenance done now.

Turn the Thermostat Up

No, The Maynard Man does not want you to make it hotter in your home than it needs to be. But we’ve found that homeowners are often setting their thermostats to 72°F when they’re actually perfectly comfortable at 78°F.

All this does is make the air conditioner run longer … it doesn’t help it cool your home any faster! And that makes this an inefficient practice.

Change the Air Filter

A clogged HVAC air filter will restrict the airflow going into your air conditioner. As a result, the evaporator coil won’t be able to absorb as much of that heat as usual. So your air conditioner can lose cooling power, and the evaporator coil may even freeze over.

If this happens, not only are you likely to have a complete AC breakdown on your hands very shortly, in the meantime your air conditioner will have to run longer to meet your desired temperature on the thermostat.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fans in your home aren’t just there for aesthetic purposes: they can save you money! When used in combination with your forced-air cooling system, it helps distribute the air more evenly.

As a result, you and your household will feel cooler, which can allow you to adjust the thermostat accordingly, and your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to do its job efficiently.

Close the Curtains and Blinds

This tip mostly applies to south-facing windows. These windows can let a lot of ambient heat inside your home. So instead of your home warming up to the point where you need your air conditioner at 1 pm, you may find yourself turning it on, or you may hear it cycling on, as early as 11 am.

This is conditioned air that you are paying for, but you can pay less by disallowing your home from getting so hot, so quickly!

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