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The Maynard Man’s Secret for Detecting Leaks

There is a certain household problem that can happen at any time and, if not caught quickly, can cause quite a bit of property damage. What is this problem? A plumbing leak!

Leaks are oftentimes insidious. They can sneak up on homeowners, and not even make themselves known until severe damage has already happened. Fortunately, The Maynard Man is here to help.

Below, we’ve shared some leak detection secrets. To find the exact location and cause of your leak, you’ll want to call on our plumbers. However, it’s wise to know what indicators to watch out for that you actually have a leak, so you know when to call us. Read on!

Watch Out For High Water Bills

Keep an eye out for high monthly water bills. If yours seem to be spiking for no clear reason, then it’s probably likely you’re dealing with a leak, or possibly even multiple leaks. Essentially, water may be escaping from a location it’s not supposed to.

Pay Attention to a Decline in Water Pressure

Whether you first notice it popping up at a kitchen faucet, or when you go to take your shower for the day, a drop in water pressure is never a good sign. Unless the local water plant specifically told you that they would be working on the main water line, a drop in water pressure means something is amiss with the plumbing system.

A slow decline in your home’s water pressure means that something is probably building up in the main water line and therefore causing a slow down in the water flow, like mineral deposits from hard water. A sudden drop in water pressure, however, typically means that there has been a pipe rupture somewhere that requires immediate attention.

Listen for Running Water When Nothing Is Supposed to Be Running

Imagine this: All your plumbing appliances are turned off. Nobody is taking a shower or using a sink. But… you hear water running.

Unless you’ve always detected water trickling from somewhere around your property–like a creek or fountain–then this is almost certainly a leak that you’re hearing. Even if you’re not quite sure where the noise is coming from, you can give our team a call for expert leak detection services.

Test the Water Meter

How is this done? Well, first you’ll want to ensure that your plumbing system has no access to water. This means, turn your main water line to the “off” position. Once you’ve done this, go look at where your water meter is. Set a timer for 15 minutes, and then go take another look.

Did the meter move? If so, it’s a sign that water is leaving your system when it shouldn’t be.

Pay Attention to Mold or Mildew Growth

If your household smells musty or damp at all, then it can be that a plumbing leak has caused mold or mildew growth. This can be very unhealthy for you and the rest of your household, so please give us a call right away if you notice this.

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