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The Maynard Man Shares: How to Shut Down Your AC for Fall

In just a couple of months, we won’t have a need for our AC systems anymore and will be ready to turn our attention to heating maintenance. In the meantime though, that doesn’t mean you should just forget all about your cooling system! There are steps you can take now to care for your AC to ensure that next spring, you’ll have a fully functional and efficiently working air conditioner.

Read on as The Maynard Man shares some tips on how to appropriately shut down your AC for fall!

Prepping Your Air Conditioner for Fall

The first step is to shut off the AC system. No, we don’t mean just make sure your thermostat is in “heating mode.” After all, there’s a possibility the thermostat could still cause the AC to turn on briefly during a warm spell. During the winter, this could lead to inclement weather inviting moisture into the unit.

To fully shut off your air conditioner, you’ll need to locate the circuit breaker for the outside AC unit, usually under a flip lid, and switch it to the “off” position.

Clean off the Condenser Unit

This is the outdoor unit of your cooling system. You’ll likely need to wash it down to remove grime and other debris. you should also clear the area about a foot around it of sticks, leaves, and branches. You can use a low-pressure hose to spray the system down.

After giving it a chance to dry (to prevent corrosion) the next step is to place a waterproof cover over it. You can find specially made covers at most home supply stores. Also, there’s nothing wrong with using a tarp or any sheet of waterproof plastic that’s large enough to cover the condenser. It will need to be secured with bungee cords or something similar so it doesn’t blow away in stormy weather. This protects the condenser unit from moisture and debris during the winter months.

Set Your AC Up for Success

Doing all this will leave you with a cooling system that’s in good shape when spring rolls around. Of course, by that time you’ll want to schedule air conditioning maintenance, so our team can take a close look at your air conditioner and ensure it’s operating as efficiently and effectively as possible, without any signs of disrepair.

When you need assistance with your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to give The Maynard Man a call!

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