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What The Maynard Man Has to Say About Ice On Your AC

Monday, June 13th, 2022

Over the years, it’s safe to say that The Maynard Man has heard a lot… especially when it comes to assumptions that homeowners have about their air conditioners and the functionality of these systems. For example, homeowners sometimes think it’s safe to assume that ice is part of the cooling process so that when they see ice on their air conditioning systems, it isn’t a problem.

Unfortunately, this can be a disastrous assumption, as ice on an air conditioner is bad news! It actually means something is wrong with your air conditioner. Fortunately, The Maynard Man is here to help. Read on to better understand why ice isn’t part of the cooling process, what’s happening when you do see ice forming on the system, and what can be done about it!

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The Maynard Man’s Fall AC Checklist

Monday, October 4th, 2021

The official start of fall is here! While that doesn’t mean temperatures will magically cool down right away, it does mean that it’s time to prep your home.

Yup, this means getting heating maintenance done—maintenance will help your heater work as efficiently and effectively as possible for as long as possible.

But just because we’re talking about your heater prep doesn’t mean you should forget about your air conditioner. After all, you want to set both your HVAC systems up for success. Read on as we uncover a helpful checklist for what to do with your air conditioner this fall.

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“What Does it Mean for My Air Conditioner to Run in Short Bursts?”

Monday, April 8th, 2019

Well, it means your system is short-cycling, but is that a bad thing? Well, yes. There is never a circumstance in which short-cycling is normal. It’s a sign that your air conditioner is not functioning as it should be. In fact, it could mean that your cooling system is in need of major work. However, it’s not always indicative of a serious problem. So why worry about it?

Because, while your air conditioner might not break down entirely right away, and even if the issue is relatively simple to fix, continuing to run a short-cycling HVAC system is going to negatively impact that system and you in a number of ways! We really can’t stress this enough—no problem, minor or not, should be ignored. Keep reading to learn more about what causes this symptom, and the toll that short-cycling takes on your system.

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