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Tips from the Maynard Man: How to Maintain Your Sump Pump


The Maynard Man here, with some helpful advice to protect your home from the wet weather we’re all too familiar with around here. If you’re lucky, you’ve never been in a position that flooding has ruined your home, and hopefully you never will be with quality Nashville sump pump services.

Sump pumps are quite common around our parts, not to mention necessary! The climate change we experience in the fall and winter means lots of rain—rainwater that can potentially send water gushing into your home, fast. If you already have a sump pump, is it prepared? You can make sure it is by following these tips, straight from the Maynard Man!

How to Maintain Your Sump Pump

With most forms of home maintenance, we’d advise that you leave the job to the pros. This is especially true for your HVAC systems and even your plumbing pipes. However, when it comes to your sump pump system, there are actually some simple tips you can follow to make sure it’s ready for the coming rainy season. Read on!

Tip #1: Check That the Pump Is in Good Condition. Check for any clear signs of wear and tear. This can include things like frayed wiring, or cracks in the case. Check also that the pump is upright and that its cord is plugged into an appropriate GFCI outlet.

Tip #2: Add Water to the Basin. Add enough water to your sump pump system to fill the top of the pit. Your pump should start working right away when you do this (if it doesn’t, it means there is a problem that must be remedied).

Tip #3: Clean the Screen or Grate at the Bottom of the Pump. This grate can collect debris and require cleaning from time to time.   

Tip #4: Check the Drains. The drains of the sump pump that lead out of the basement can go to the sewer line or to your yard. If it’s your yard, you’ll want to check that drainage can move freely and that there isn’t anything blocking the opening.

“When Should I Call the Maynard Man?”

The above mentioned tips are things you can do on your own to get your sump pump into proper condition before the rainy weather kicks into high gear. But as you’re following these tips, it’s important to be aware of instances where it may be best to call in a pro. If you notice any of the following symptoms, now is that time.

  • Cracks along the sump pump cover, or other signs of external damage.
  • The sump pump shut down completely and your circuit breaker isn’t resetting it.
  • Water is not moving out quickly enough and clearing debris from the drain isn’t helping.

Don’t Already Have a Sump Pump?

Let’s say you’ve stumbled across this blog post and decided to read on out of curiosity to see if a sump pump is worth it. It absolutely is. You can certainly ask around to find out if neighbors or even the previous owner of your home ever experience problems with basement or crawlspace flooding. But the fact is even if your home hasn’t experienced damage yet, there’s always that potential. It’s an age-old phrase but… it’s better safe than sorry!

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