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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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The Maynard Man Says, You Might Have a Leak If…


One of the most insidious household problems you may ever deal with is that of a plumbing leak. We say this because plumbing leaks are often hidden at first, slowly creating a pool of water or dampening drywall and flooring, which leads to severe property damage and even mold growth.

It’s a problem that’s often costly, always inconvenient, and in worse case scenarios unhealthy. Fortunately, you have The Maynard Man on your side to help resolve your plumbing woes. What if you could stop them before they do too much damage though?

It is possible! Read on to learn when you may have a plumbing leak…

You Hear Running Water despite No Water Running

If you have a large home, or a condo style household connected to other buildings, it can be really easy to dismiss the sound of running water even if you have nothing on. But we urge you to pay attention—do you detect the sound of running water even though all your plumbing fixtures and taps are turned off? If so, it could be worth a call to The Maynard Man to have it inspected as you may have a leak.

Your Water Bills Are Unusually High

Water bills are typically pretty predictable, right? Unless you’re hosting a carwash in your driveway, we see no reason that your water bills should suddenly spike. That is, unless you have an undetected leak that’s causing you to lose water without you knowing. Higher than expected water bills are almost always a sign of a leak.

You Smell a Musty Odor

Leaks lead to moisture collection. Moisture collection leads to the growth of mold and mildew. Even if you don’t have any visible signs of a water leak, a musty odor can indicate that you have a leak behind drywall, near carpet, or even beneath the slab of your home. Left unmanaged, this can lead to a very unhygienic and unhealthy situation.

You See Damp Spots

Never brush off a damp spot you see at the ceiling or on a wall. If it can’t be traced to a spill or an isolated incident of some kind, then it’s very possible you have a damaged pipe that’s leaking. If you notice this symptom, please give us a call. Remember, the more moisture you allow to build up, the bigger the problem can become.

You Have Discovered Cracks in the Foundation

We mentioned slab leaks above—these are leaks that occur beneath your foundation and can be very bad news. Fixing them requires digging up your flooring to access the affected pipes. Fortunately, you may be able to detect a slab leak before your foundation is damaged. If you have a warm spot on your flooring that can’t be explained for instance, it could be the sign of a hot water line leaking under your home.

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