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Learn about Your AC Options from the Maynard Man

If it’s mid-July and you’ve found yourself shopping for an
air conditioner in the Nashville area, we’re going to guess that you’re in a
bit of a rush to find a new one! Understandable. But, this is one purchase you
really shouldn’t make in haste.

Investing in an air conditioner is a decision that requires
a lot of thought. The cooling system must be properly sized for your home,
professionally installed to avoid mistakes, and should match the specific needs
of your household—should you even stick with the same type of air conditioner?

The Maynard Man is here to provide some guidance to that
last point. Read on as we uncover the benefits of the various AC installation
options we provide.


The central AC systems of today are highly efficient and
effective. If you’ve already had a central system in place, then upgrading it
may not be a bad idea. Of course, you want to keep the shape of your ductwork
in mind.

If your air ducts have any tears or breaches in them, you
could be losing up to 30% of your conditioned air, which you’re paying for
anyway. Upgrading your central air conditioner won’t do a whole lot to help
efficiency if you have damaged ducts.

Consider duct sealing services if you are committing to this
upgrade but have aging ducts. You’ll be glad you did!

Heat Pump

Heat pump systems are 2-in-1 climate control solutions.
There is a component called the reversing valve that switches the flow of
refrigerant based on whether you need it for cooling, or for heating. The best
part about these systems is they work best in climates with hot summers but
relatively mild winters—like ours!

Heat pump systems are a great option if you’re ready for an
AC upgrade and also have been thinking about replacing your heater. They do
require maintenance twice a year, but you only have to worry about maintaining
a single system.


Ductless systems, also called ductless-mini splits, are the
go-to heat pump option for homes without a lot of room for ducts. In the case
of AC replacement, it’s a good option for households with damaged ductwork or homes that aren’t getting the best
performance from a ducted system.

The ductless set up includes one outdoor unit and up to 4
indoor air handlers that can be mounted high up on the walls in the rooms
they’re installed in. These air handlers save space, energy, and can be individually controlled from
each other to appeal to everyone’s cooling (and heating) preferences.


You may hear a geothermal system referred to as a
ground-source heat pump. This is due to the fact that their pipes run
underground and utilize the steady temperature of the earth, rather than the
variable temperature of the air, to work.

They’re highly efficient and last many years. They’re often
best installed if you’re doing new landscaping or redoing the current
landscaping in your yard, since they do require some excavation. But speak to
one of our pros today to learn more about your options.

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man! We are the contractor you can trust for your HVAC, indoor air quality, electrical, and plumbing needs, including quality AC installation in Nashville.

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