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The Maynard Man Asks: Is Your Home Prepped for the Holidays?


This holiday season, the Maynard Man urges you to do all you can to safely prep your home for the holidays. The holidays should be a joyful time, not a stressful time! This is possible by following some basic safety precautions.

Maintain Your Furnace

If you haven’t scheduled furnace maintenance yet this season, now is the time. If your furnace is aging—over 10-15 years old—this is even more important. Over the years, wear and tear can lead to problems like corrosion and damaged heat exchangers, which allow dangerous carbon monoxide gas into your home.

Winterize Your Air Conditioner

Protecting your air conditioner this winter can help prevent not only HVAC operational problems but also potential safety hazards through electrical shorts from ice and snowmelt. Winterizing your AC system is as simple as shutting it down, clearing debris away from the outdoor unit, and placing a breathable cover over the outdoor unit.

Ensure Proper Outlet Placement

Do you have GFCI outlets in the proper places? This stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, and GFCI outlets should be placed anywhere that is near water. Your bathroom and kitchen areas are key, of course, but so too is your garage and outdoor area—especially if you intend to put holiday lights up this season!

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel for Holiday Lights

Speaking of holiday lights, are you sure your home’s electrical system can handle the extra voltage? Today’s homes have increasing electrical demands, and adding holiday lights on top of that can lead to short circuits and potential electrical fires. Contact the Maynard Man to see if your electrical panel is in good shape.

Care for Your Christmas Tree!

If you are putting a Christmas tree up in your house this holiday season, or any pine trimmings at all, make sure it doesn’t get too dried out. When you combine dry wood with hot holiday lights, you may be asking for trouble. Between 2013-2017, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 160 home fires that started with Christmas trees per year. Don’t let your home be another statistic!

Insulate Your Plumbing Pipes

Frozen pipes are a frequent and frustrating problem in the Nashville area during the winter. The last thing you need to deal with while trying to enjoy the festivities this year is burst pipes in your home. Your pipes can be insulated with special sleeves found at any hardware store, or even with towels in the home.

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man! We are the Nashville contractor you can trust for your HVAC, electrical, and plumbing needs.

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