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Serving Nashville & Middle Tennessee

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The Maynard Man Says: It’s Time for an AC Tune-Up!


The Maynard Man here with a summertime tip.

“Wait, temperatures are still in the low 70’s, why are we talking about summer already?”

Well because if you don’t start thinking about summer now, you could be stuck with a malfunctioning, inefficient, or even completely broken down air conditioner when summer does come. And nobody wants that, right?

That’s why you should consider picking up your phone and calling The Maynard Man to schedule your next air conditioner tune-up. Tune-ups allow our technicians to comprehensively inspect, clean, and adjust the components that need it in your HVAC systems. This helps the system to work more efficiently and effectively, plus avoid sudden, emergency breakdowns. Read on to learn more!

The Power of Professional Maintenance

There are a couple of maintenance tasks you can do on your own to ensure the health of your HVAC systems. For instance, during periods of HVAC use, you should change the HVAC air filter out every 1-3 months. This does depend on the type of filters you have and the level of contaminants in your home—for instance, a home with pet dander or cigarette smoke will have greater needs than one without.

The other step you can take on your own is ensuring the area surrounding the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is free of debris such as leaves, twigs, lawn mulch, and anything else that can restrict airflow.

Professional maintenance, though, is when our technicians come in and check everything in your system. We’ll ensure that the electrical components are in good shape, parts that need lubrication get it, your blower motor is working as it should, you don’t have refrigerant or ductwork leaks, and much more.

This inspection helps us determine if your air conditioner needs any repairs right now. Once alerted to repair needs, you can get them on your schedule right away, instead of waiting for your air conditioner to start struggling or even break down. Once the repairs are made, your air conditioner won’t have to run as long to do its job and therefore lower efficiency and raise your utility bills.

Cleaning the system inside and out also helps with AC efficiency. Our techs are here for that too! It’s all part of our extensive maintenance program—The Healthy Home Plan.

Ask about Our Healthy Home Plan

Our Healthy Home Plan includes one annual maintenance session for your air conditioner, heater, and plumbing system. It also includes priority scheduling for your HVAC needs, no diagnostic fees, discounts on equipment repairs and replacement, and much more. Contact a member of our team for more details!

Need a Helping Hand, Call The Maynard Man! Contact us today to schedule professional Nashville AC Maintenance today.

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