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Are Your Ducts Leaking? Here’s Why That Matters

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

If you have a central heating or air conditioning system in your home, then it likely relies on a system of ductwork to do its job. With ductwork often hidden behind walls, in crawlspaces, or even up the attic, it can be hard to know when there’s a problem. This is where The Maynard Man comes in!

We don’t expect you to go and check on your ducts yourself. First off, they’re not easy to access. Secondly, you don’t have the tools and you likely don’t have the training to know what you’re looking for. There are signs that your ducts are leaking, and we’ll get to that below. In the meantime, read on as we uncover how duct leaks happen and why that’s a problem.

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What The Maynard Man Needs You to Know about Gas Furnace Heat Exchangers

Monday, February 8th, 2021

The Maynard Man may be known as “The Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy Expert,” but we care about your safety, too. That’s not to say that if you have a gas furnace, you’re inherently in danger. If you don’t take proper care of that gas furnace, however, the system itself could become a danger.

Look, we know you want to keep warm in your home, and we want to help you achieve that comfort. But part of the responsibility of having a gas furnace or any gas-powered appliance for that matter, is having it properly maintained. Professional heating maintenance allows our technicians to fully inspect, clean, and adjust the components of your system, checking for any repair needs in the process.

As your furnace ages, it’s more prone to certain repair needs, like a cracked heat exchanger. Read on as we dive further into this and why a damaged heat exchanger is a big deal.

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