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How To Protect Your Indoor Air with Duct Cleaning

Have you ever walked into your home after being gone all
day, only to suddenly have your allergy and asthma symptoms flare up?

Or maybe you have a healthy member of your family who seems
to be getting sick more and more often. What’s causing this, and what can you
do about it?

The Maynard Man has an answer for you! Your indoor air
quality can actually be worse that the quality of the air outdoors, without the
right products in place or without the right services. One of these services is
a thorough duct cleaning, once every few years.

“Does Duct Cleaning Really Help?”

Yes! You may be surprised by just how much dust and
contaminants can make their way into your ductwork system throughout the years,
let alone into your living space. It’s not just that your ducts are dirty, but
that they can introduce harmful allergens and pollutants into the air you and
your family breathe.

Duct cleaning provides homeowners with a host of benefits,

  • Better
    Health—The elimination of allergens means better quality indoor air, and
    therefore better health for your home’s occupants. Eliminating allergens like
    pet dander, dust, and pollen will help you breathe easier and more healthfully.
  • Improved
    Energy Efficiency—Any debris found your ducts can put friction on airflow,
    forcing the blower of your HVAC system to work harder and subsequently drain
    more power.
  • HVAC
    Damage Prevention—All the dust and other particles in the ventilation system
    can also be getting into your ductwork, potentially damaging motors or causing
    the condenser coil to freeze.
  • A
    Cleaner, Fresher Home—Duct cleaning eliminates a large reservoir of dust and
    other debris that you don’t want to waft around your home.

If you haven’t had a duct cleaning in a couple of years, or
if you notice signs of dirty ducts such as dirt and debris around your vents,
unexplained respiratory problems for family members or yourself, or an
unnatural rise in energy bills, it’s time to call in a pro.

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man! We are The Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy Expert.

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