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The Maynard Man’s 5 Tips to Find a Plumbing Leak

In our previous blog post, The Maynard Man uncovered some of
the things you should watch out for with your plumbing system during the
winter. One plumbing problem we didn’t mention but can happen any time of the year is a leak. Leaks
are oftentimes insidious—sneaking up on homeowners and not making themselves
known until severe damage has already been done.

The Maynard Man is here to help! We’ve provided some leak
detection tips below for any homeowner. To pinpoint the exact cause and
location of your leak, you’ll want to give our team a call. But it’s a good
idea to know what signs to watch out for that you have a leak so that you know to give our team a call right away!
Read on as we uncover 5 tips to finding signs of a plumbing leak.

1) Look for Increasing Water Bills

Take a look at your monthly water bills. Do they seem to be
increasing for no particular reason? No, this probably isn’t some sinister plot
from your municipal water district. It’s a lot more likely that you’re dealing
with a leak or even multiple leaks. Basically, water may be escaping from
somewhere it’s not supposed to.

2) Watch for a Decline in Water Pressure

Whether you see it first pop up at the kitchen faucet or
when you go to take your morning shower, a decline in water pressure is never a
good thing. Unless your municipal water plant told you that they’d be working on the main water line, it means
something is going on with your plumbing system.

A slow decline in pressure could mean that something is
building up in the main water line and causing a slowdown in the water flow,
such as mineral deposits caused by hard water. A sudden drop in water pressure,
however, means there’s been a pipe rupture somewhere that requires immediate

3) Listen for Running Water When Nothing is Supposed to Be Running

Imagine this scenario: all your plumbing appliances are off.
Nobody is taking a shower. You aren’t using a sink. And yet… you hear running

Unless you’ve always heard water trickling from somewhere,
like a stream outside your home, then this is almost surely a leak that you’re
listening to. Even if you’re unsure of where the noise is coming from, you can
give us a call for expert leak detection services!

4) Test Your Water Meter

How do you do this? Well first, make sure your plumbing
system has no access to water—meaning, turn your main water line to the “off”
position. Once you’ve done this, go look at where your water meter is. Set a
timer for 15 minutes, and go look again. Did the meter move at all while the
main water line was shut off? If so, it’s a sign that water is escaping
somewhere it shouldn’t be.

5} Do a Sniff Test: Do you Smell Mold or Mildew?

Does your home smell musty or damp? Unless you know the
reason, there’s a good chance that a hidden plumbing leak has made it onto a
wood or carpeted surface—or even behind your drywall—and has caused mold and
mildew to start developing.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs of a plumbing
leak, please don’t hesitate to give The Maynard Man a call to check it out!
It’s far better to be wrong than to wait it out and end up with preventable
plumbing damage.

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