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The Maynard Man Shares Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The Maynard Man has discovered that not enough of our customers know that their indoor air quality can actually be worse than the quality of the air outside. At least, this is the case if you don’t have the right products and services in place.

The thing is, today’s homes have been built with “tight” construction, designed to keep heat out in the summer and heat in during the winter. The problem with this is that when allergens and contaminants enter the household, they can get trapped too.

And if there are any asthma or allergy sufferers in the home, this is bad news. Read on to learn how to deal with this!

No, Your HVAC Air Filter Isn’t Enough

There is an air filter that comes standard with your forced-air heating and cooling systems. The usual assumption about this air filter is that it’s in place to protect the home’s indoor air quality. It certainly doesn’t hurt indoor air quality, but this is not its overall purpose.

The purpose of this particular air filter is to protect the HVAC system itself from dust, dirt, and other debris that can get inside and harm its sensitive components.

If you want to tackle your indoor air quality problems, you’ll need much more than just the standard HVAC air filter.

Consider a Whole-House Air Purifier

When you envision an air purifier, you might be thinking of those small, portable room units you can buy online or at any large supermarket. These air purifiers aren’t necessarily a “bad” idea, but they’re also not comprehensive.

For the best results in your home, you’ll want to consider a whole-house air purifier, whether it’s an electronic air cleaner, ionization air purifier, or UV air purifier.

The Benefits

Whole-home air purifiers are very cost-efficient. The smaller, portable air purifiers aren’t enough to manage your whole home if it’s any larger than a one-bedroom building. You would have to rely on multiple systems throughout your home to see comprehensive results.

In addition, when you’re utilizing multiple portable systems rather than one whole-house system, you’ll have to replace the filters in them on a regular basis and worry about maintaining several portable units.

Whole-house systems are also much more convenient than portable systems, getting installed directly into your ductwork. We can inspect them and ensure they’re operating as they should be during your typical annual professional maintenance appointment!

Feel free to contact The Maynard Man for more information and an exploration of all the air purifier options we provide.

Need a Helping Hand, Call The Maynard Man! We’re your trusted resource for indoor air quality products and services, including professional air duct cleaning in Clarksville, TN and beyond. Contact us today!

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