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The #1 Home Electrical Tip This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again–the time where many homeowners delight in decorating their homes for the holiday. You’ve probably already seen some houses in your neighborhood decked out with a few strings of white lights, or maybe even really elaborate displays.

Decorating your home with holiday lights is a festive way to make your home and your street look seasonal and fun. However, we want you to keep in mind that no matter how many lights you plan to add to your home to brighten the season, you’ll want to take some proper precautions to avoid problems like shorting out your electrical system, triggering a potential electrical fire, or even cause a tripping hazard with loose cords.

Read on as we uncover some top tips for holiday light safety!

Don’t Overload Your Electrical System!

This is pretty much the #1 tip for homeowners to keep in mind during the holiday season.

You know the scenes you see in movies or TV shows where a homeowner goes to plug in their holiday lights, and then suddenly the power for the entire home goes out, or sometimes the entire street? While this is of course dramatized for entertainment purposes, it’s not too far off from the truth.

So, don’t overload your electrical system! If you’re not sure what your system can handle in terms of additional lighting, reach out to our team and we will be happy to do an electrical inspection for you. You could be perfectly fine using a rarely-used circuit breaker, but it could end up that you need an upgrade to your electrical panel

Also, Don’t Use Damaged Light Strings

This is another important tip for home safety when it comes to your holiday lights. It’s wise to closely inspect each string of lights before you change them. You’ll want to look for areas where insulation has worn off, or sockets may have broken. This can be a fire hazard, so if you see any damaged strings, the best thing to do is dispose of those strings.

Take Your Lights Down at a Reasonable Time

Don’t worry, The Maynard Man is no grinch! This is actually a practical tip. The fact is, leaving up outdoor lights–lights that otherwise are not intended for extended, year-round use–for 90+ days puts them at risk of suffering from damage, which can render the lights useless the following holiday season and could potentially create an accidental fire hazard if they get damaged during the year and you turn them on.

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