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The Maynard Man Shares the Details on Going Ductless

The Maynard Man is here again with some helpful tips for homeowners who just want to stay cool this summer.

Chances are, if you’ve come across this blog post, you’re considering an air conditioner replacement. And this time of the year is when powerful air conditioning is needed the most, so we imagine you’re in a bit of a rush to get a new system!

However, this is one of those purchases you never want to rush into. Doing so could leave you with an inefficient system that may die on you years before its time. Plus, what if you don’t need a whole new air conditioner, you just need to expand some cooling power?

Well then, you would do well to consider the installation of a ductless cooling system. Read on to learn why!

Ductless Systems Cool and Heat

Ductless systems operate on heat pump technology. This means that, like a traditional air conditioner, they work by expelling hot air from your home and using a refrigerant process to bring in chilled air.

But heat pumps and ductless systems can reverse the refrigerant process to also bring you heated air in the wintertime. So if you’re looking for a new heater this year as well, a ductless system can be a great option!

Ductless Systems Provide Independent Heating and Cooling

Otherwise known as zoned cooling and heating, a ductless system allows you to split your home up into different areas and cool or heat them as you please without conditioning the entire house. This is great in the summer when you’re using the kitchen, for example, and want to keep it cool, but don’t need to chill the rest of the house.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Saves Energy

The great thing about the zoned conditioning we mentioned above is the efficiency of such a setup. Since you don’t to turn on each of the air handlers, it means you’re not consuming as much electricity, and therefore you’ll save money by operating a ductless system over a more traditional central air conditioner (or central furnace, in the winter).

Ductless Systems Are Flexible

Ductless systems have become increasingly popular for new home construction as well as remodeling because they remove the hassle of needing to fit ductwork into a home that might not have adequate space for it.

Additionally, ductless systems typically use wall-mounted air handlers, which are up and out of the way as is, but there are other options for mounting as well. Whatever your home’s setup is, we can find a way to fit the perfect ductless system into your home.

Going Ductless Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

One of the disadvantages of ductwork is that it collects dust, pet dander, lint, and other pollutants that can get recycled back through your indoor air. There are, of course, a number of indoor air quality products you can look into, and we encourage you to do so! But for family members with allergies or asthma, it’s often nice to have the added protection by eliminating ducts altogether.

Need a Helping Hand, Call The Maynard Man! We’re your trusted resource for AC system installation in Nashville and beyond.

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