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The Maynard Man Says: It May Be Time for a New Furnace Installation If…

The Maynard Man knows, the last thing you want to face in the dead of winter is a completely broken down furnace. You’ll be without comfort, of course. You’ll also be faced with the inconvenience of trying to find a new system and have it installed when technicians are busy with emergency service calls—making it harder to schedule your services.

If you suspect you might have a furnace problem, or your heating
system gave you some troubles last year and you’re not sure it’s up to the task
of filling your living space with warmth this winter, now is the best time to address the problem!

If it hasn’t had a tune-up yet, we’ll get you on our
schedule ASAP once you call us. If your furnace needs a repair, call The
Maynard Man. If your furnace is on its last leg, we’ll serve your replacement
needs. For the latter, how do you know if it’s really time? Read on to discover
some telltale signs that your furnace is about to call it quits.

…Your Furnace is Old

Heating systems these days are built to last. This doesn’t
mean they last forever, though. Soon
enough, it will run its course—usually within 10-15 years. Trust the experience
of the Maynard Man. After this time, a furnace simply can’t behave as
efficiently as it once did. It accumulates natural wear and tear that’s
exacerbated by aging components and years of use.

…Your Furnace Requires Frequent Repairs

As long as you keep up on your routine annual furnace maintenance tune-ups, your furnace should only need a repair once every couple of years or so. That’s usually to replace a worn-out component or loose part. If you find yourself calling for repairs a few times a year, and your system is old, then it’s more likely that you’re ready for a brand new furnace.

…You Aren’t Getting Enough Heat

In some cases, this can be the sign of something like a ductwork issue or a burnt-out heating element. But if your furnace displays the previously mentioned symptoms in addition to not throwing out enough heat, you’re probably looking at a furnace on its last leg.

…Your Heating Bills Have Skyrocketed

You should never be paying that much more for your heating bills than you were this same time
last year. Be sure to keep a close eye and compare these costs. It’s a wise
idea to also compare costs with your neighbors. If they’re using their furnace
just as much, with similar temperature settings then your heating bills
shouldn’t fluctuate that much from theirs.

Be Sure to Call a Pro!

Once you’ve determined you need a new furnace, call The
Maynard Man! Only a professional has the training and expertise needed to
install your furnace accurately and reliably. One small mistake—such as a
furnace that’s too small or too large—can result in a severe loss of efficiency
and increase in heating costs for you. Not to mention, poor system performance
can lead to premature system failure. Only trust the pros for a job of this

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man! We’ll handle your new furnace installation in Nashville, and much more.

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