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Signs from The Maynard Man that Your Furnace Needs Help

As the heating season comes to a close, you may not be thinking very much about your heater, beyond thinking about turning it off for the season.

But here’s the thing…ignoring your furnace this time of the year can be a mistake. We all know that a cold spell could still hit us and you also want your furnace to be in great shape for you next year.

Of course, if you had maintenance done by The Maynard Man this past fall, you likely have little to worry about. But if you skipped maintenance or if you have an older furnace (10+ years old), then you’ll want to pay attention to the following signs, and give The Maynard Man a call, because you likely need professional repairs!

Loud or Unfamiliar Sounds

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot the signs of a heating system problem if that problem isn’t getting in the way of your comfort quite yet. For instance, a strange noise coming from the cabinet of your furnace may be something you brush off at first. If it’s not impacting how hot the air is coming through your vents, why bother addressing it, right?

Well, you should still address it because it could be a sign of something that can quickly grow into a bigger problem. For example, a buzzing noise can be the sign of something wrong with the electrical connections, leading to a potential fire hazard. Or a screeching sound can be a worn-out fan belt or worn-down motor bearings that need to be lubricated.

Higher-Than-Average Utility Bills

Take a look at your energy bills. Are they a lot higher than they were this same time last year? If so, it’s a sign that something in your home is working inefficiently, and your heating system can absolutely be to blame. After all, your HVAC systems account for half of your home’s energy use.

Lack of Hot Air

Does it seem like all of the sudden, you just can’t seem to get your thermostat up high enough? Something like damaged ductwork or even a dirty furnace can prevent the system from reaching the desired temperature on your thermostat, and it’s best to let our team take a look!


Short-cycling is the process where a heating system or an air conditioner runs in short bursts, never completing a full heating cycle. Your furnace is designed to run in 15-minute increments, about 2-3 times an hour. If your furnace is shutting down long before that 15 minutes and/or coming on a lot more frequently than this, then it’s short-cycling.

The problem with short cycling is that it’s both a symptom of an already existing problem, and it can also cause further problems, so it’s best to call us ASAP!

If you notice any of these above-mentioned symptoms or anything else out of the ordinary with your furnace, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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