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Let The Maynard Man Help Maintain Your Tankless Water Heater

The Maynard Man wants to know, what kind of water heater do you have in your home?

Homeowners with the conventional storage tank water heater tend to understand pretty quickly that their systems need maintenance on occasion. They’re very large and noticeable, taking up a big of space in a garage or utility closet.

If you have a tankless system, though, you might not realize that maintenance is essential, even without the large tank. Why is this? Well, because of scaling.

Not to worry if you don’t know what this means, The Maynard Man is here to help! Read on as we uncover why scaling is bad for a tankless water heater and therefore why maintenance is so important!

The Impact of Scaling On Your Tankless Water Heater

Scaling affects a tankless water heater in such a way that it could fail prematurely, leaving you in need of a water heater replacement. So what is scaling, and what causes it?

You’ve likely heard the term limescale before–this is what we’re referring to. It’s actually a mineral buildup, caused by hard water. These minerals are typically comprised of magnesium, calcium, and iron.

“Wait,” you might be wondering, “What’s wrong with those minerals? They sound harmless.”

They are harmless for people and pets to ingest. However, the buildup caused by them can negatively impact your plumbing pipes and appliances, including the heat exchanger and lining of your tankless water heater.

If there is too much buildup, scaling can cause your heat exchangers to malfunction, not heating up the water evenly or effectively. You’ll essentially be paying for energy use that you’re not getting the full advantage of, and risking corrosion in your tankless water heater.

Scheduling Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

The most common question we get about tankless water heater maintenance is, “How often should it be scheduled?”

This actually kind of depends. In the case of a tank water heater, we recommend customers have their system maintained and “flushed out” every year. But for a tankless system, maintenance might not be needed as often if you don’t have a hard water problem in your area, or if you have installed a whole-house water softener.

In this case, you could probably get away with maintenance every 2-3 years. The best way to know for sure, however, is to contact a professional to take a look. We’re ready to help!

Need a Helping Hand, Call The Maynard Man! To learn more about maintenance for tankless water heaters in Nashville, TN, and to schedule, your next tune-up, reach out to our team!

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