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How to Tell You Need Water Testing: Tips from The Maynard Man

Do you happen to know what’s in your water? Many homeowners aren’t well informed. True, it may be something relatively harmless like magnesium or calcium. But even these minerals can do harm to your actual plumbing system.

Know the signs that your water may be contaminated and need water testing, so you’re not caught by surprise when your plumbing system suffers, or by becoming ill. The Maynard Man has shared below some of the top signs you need water testing, and subsequently need to have a water treatment system professionally installed.

You’re Experiencing Limescale Buildup

This is most likely a sign of hard water. What’s hard water? Water with a high presence of minerals in it–namely calcium and magnesium. This sometimes includes iron, too.

These sound pretty harmless, right? Well, they are harmless to you but not so much when it comes to your plumbing system. Unfortunately, that limescale buildup you see around your drains or faucet heads also occurs inside your pipes.

Limescale hardens and is tough to remove. Once it builds up enough inside your pipes, it can cause blockages as well as corrosion that leads to leaks. The next best step you can take is to have your water tested for hardness, and get a whole-house water softener installed if that is indeed the issue.

Your Water Tastes Odd

Not everyone likes the taste of tap water. Even without contaminants or harness in it, water from the tap can be pretty bland and boring, right? But if something changes about the taste of your tap water, that’s what should raise a red flag.

There are a number of potentially harmful waterborne materials that can make it into your water supply. Sure, that water goes through some pretty heavy filtration at the water treatment plant. But the miles it has to travel between that plant in your home give it plenty of time to pick up pollutants.

If you notice any change in the taste of your tap water, particularly if it is a metallic taste, it’s time to give The Maynard Man a call for professional water testing!

Your Water Is Discolored

Have you turned on a tap to notice that the water coming out of it has a slight reddish-brown color? This is the color of rust, and a sign that your plumbing system is starting to corrode from the inside.

if this discoloration is only happening out of your hot water taps, it may be your water heater to blame. Once a water heater has reached the point of corrosion, it’s safe to assume this system should be replaced.

If the discoloration is widespread among hot and cold water taps, then it may mean you need repiping. It definitely means you need water testing to make sure the water you’re using and drinking is healthful!

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