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End-Of-Season AC Care Tips from The Maynard

It’s true, you may still be using your air conditioner for
another month or so, but The Maynard Man likes to make sure our customers are

With the official end of summer a handful of weeks away,
temperatures will begin to cool and it will soon be time to breathe a sigh of
relief, open those windows, and enjoy the breeze until winter comes.

Before that happens, we want to make sure you’re not neglecting any central AC services in Nashville that could lead to a malfunctioning cooling system next year. What can you do to weatherize your AC?

Change or Clean Your Air Filters

Did you know the air filter in your cooling system is there
to protect the cooling system itself? Many homeowners believe it’s there to
protect your indoor air quality, and while a dirty air filter doesn’t help your
indoor air quality, it’s actually more detrimental for your air conditioner.

The air filter works to trap dust and other debris as your
indoor unit pulls in heat from your living space. Once it gets too clogged,
that airflow is restricted, hurting system efficiency. Since this air filter is
commonly shared with the furnace, changing it out regularly (every 1-3 months
depending on the type of filter and level of contaminants in your home) is
imperative to overall HVAC functionality.

Clean off the Air Handler

The air handler is in the indoor unit of your air
conditioner—often housed in the basement or garage of your home. After a long
summer of circulating conditioned air throughout your living space, the coils
and fins accumulate dirt.

This is something our technicians address during spring
maintenance, but giving your air handler a good wipe down before you turn it
off for the season is a good proactive step to take.

Protect the Condenser Unit

This is the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. There are
a number of things that can accumulate around it—lawn mulch and clippings,
branches, leaves, etc. Your condenser unit should have at least a foot of space
all the way around it so it can properly expel hot air that’s come from inside
your home.

When it comes to the end of the summer season, once the
weather has cooled enough it’s a good idea to cover this unit. Though snow is
rare and mild in the Nashville area, ice and other byproducts of winter weather
can have a negative impact on your condenser unit.

Check the Drain Line

When your air conditioner runs, it removes moisture form the
air. This moisture is collected in the condensate pan before being drained out
of your home by the drain line. At the end of the season, it’s a good idea to
take a look at your condensate pan and drain line to ensure there are no
blockages and that it’s all clean. You may want to hire a professional for this

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