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Do You Need Water Treatment? The Maynard Man Can Help!

Not many people use wells these days–they get their water from a city water main. So, you might assume that this water is as clean as it can be, since it goes through a heavy treatment process before it even enters the pipes.

We’re not here to alarm anyone, but The Maynard Man does need to clear up one thing. You can absolutely still have unhealthy water coming from your taps, even if you are relying on a municipal supply! There’s always a chance of trace contaminants making their way into and through the miles of pipes it takes to get from the water treatment plant to your home.

Fortunately, this can be tackled with the right water treatment system in place. Read on as we uncover a few signs for you to watch out for. These indicate that you’re in need of a solid water treatment solution.

Limescale Presence

Hard water, which results in the presence of limescale, is a very common problem for homes throughout our area. This is water with high levels of minerals in it–namely magnesium, calcium, and even iron. These are harmless to ingest, but not so benign when it comes to your plumbing pipes!

A long-term buildup of these minerals causes that aforementioned limescale to develop, and this will cause issues for your home’s plumbing system. If the limescale isn’t cleaned up and the hard water problem addressed, the buildup will create clogs and pipe corrosion.

Keep an eye out for a white or somewhat yellow chalky substance around your household’s faucets, or in your shower. This is that pesky limescale! If you have it in these areas, you have it in your pipes. A professionally installed water treatment system will resolve this.

Odd Tasting Water

There are a number of waterborne contaminants that will actually change the taste of your tap water. Few people enjoy the taste of tap water to begin with as it’s rather boring, but if you notice a substantial change in the taste you’re right to be alarmed.

This is particularly true if you detect a metallic taste. If this is the cause, consult a professional to check your water! It’s better to be safe than sorry in this case.

Discolored Water

Often accompanied by odd tastes, discolored water is a huge indicator of something going amiss within your pipes. It’s also a huge indicator you need either water treatment, or new pipes!

Some discoloration doesn’t necessarily indicate that something is wrong with your water supply. However, if the discoloration is extreme or if your water is opaque, the best thing you can do for the health and safety of your family is call in a pro.

Need a Helping Hand, Call the Maynard Man: The Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy Expert! Contact us to get in touch with a licensed plumber in Clarksville.

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